About us

Vertigo Forming Solutions is a worldwide trade company with extensive experience in cold forming tooling.

We supply customized and irregular fastener tooling for our customers. We strive to service the customer with most efficiency and cost effective tooling needs. 

Our Key products categories are related to the Fastener toolings:

Carbide Dies, Punches, Flat Rolling Dies, Nut Taps, Transfer Fingers, Recess Pins, Carbide Raw Material, Trimming Dies and Cutters.

Vertigo Forming Solutions provides a wide range of tooling service for our customers.

Vertigo Forming Solutions : THE SAFER HANDS AFTER YOURS!



When you launch manufacture of a new product do you achieve volume production that is right first time every time, on time in full, at the right cost?

Many companies across both high and low volume manufacturing sectors struggle to launch and ramp up new product manufacture successfully.

During the last five years Industry Forum has worked with over 50 companies across the automotive,

aerospace and civil nuclear sectors to help them improve their New Product Introduction (NPI) approaches to deliver Launch Excellence.

The New Product Introduction for Launch Excellence model below has been developed to capture in a simple manner the structure of activities and pillars that are required to assure success

An effective NPI process can drive an organisation’s growth plans as part of business strategy (Figure 2). 



A series of new AS standards have been launched over recent months focussed around New Product Introduction and the associated core tools.

There is increasing mandate expected in 2018 for suppliers to align to these standards, alongside existing customer specific requirements.